Hi, I’m Sarah

I went in for my operation that day thinking, it didn’t matter if I never came out of it, because nobody cared anyway. When they woke me up and told me that they had to bring me back again three times I didn’t care either. I was 15 years old.

You see, I spent the years before being bullied about my looks, and it threw me into feeling like no one ever should, especially at 15.  Even my friends didn’t care.

Nobody ever knew I spent the years feeling that way, I’m good at hiding my feelings, pretending they don’t exist, getting vulnerable, it’s fucking hard, especially after hiding them away most of my life.

I hated myself for over 20 years. I had no confidence, and no friends, I didn’t care about myself, I was lost, lonely, stuck in a rut and full of anxiety.

🎉 I’m not that person today, and what helped with that?

Self Discovery 👌

Things had to change, there had to be something I could do to not live my life feeling that way, and I had to do it whilst my son was young.

❤️ I discovered who I was, authentic, true me deep down.
❤️ I learned to love every part of me, including the things I was bullied for
❤️ I discovered my purpose
❤️ I started my dream soul-led business

Yes it took me until I was in my mid 30s to get this far, but I could have just stayed curled up in my ball in my house and avoided personal growth.

It’s easy to do, to get lost in bringing your children up, taking care of everyone else and forgetting about you though right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way, because you matter, and you have something incredible to share. The journey through self discovery, It’s a tough one but it’s essential you know who you are, and you learn to love who you are, especially if you want to start a business.

Your authentic self is unique, it’s good enough and you have some amazing gifts to share with the world, even if you don’t feel like that now.

So if you’ve ever felt like I did, know that you’re not alone and you can most definitely get to where you want to be.  I know you can, because I did it.

What I Do

I help struggling spiritual humans through self discovery to soul-alignment so you can achieve your soul-led dreams and desires using my spiritual DICE method.

  • Discover your authentic self & your purpose.
  • Identify your life spiritual side & your improve your intuition
  • Connection to the universe & energy healing.
  • Establish your dream business & start creating it.
Zensationally You