Welcome Magical Soul

Hi, I’m Sarah and I help spiritual humans through self discovery to soul alignment  so they can achieve their soul-led dreams & desires.  

This is for you if:

  • You love tarot & oracle readings
  • You are a spiritual human (all genders welcome)
  • You are fed up and frustrated of now knowing who you truly are.
  • You are struggling to find where you fit in and what your purpose is.
  • You are new to spirituality and want to learn spiritual techniques to find ones that suit you 
  • You want to improve or kick start your intuition so you can take intuitive, aligned action towards your soul-led dreams & desires.

Available Courses

Zensationally FREE

Zensationally FREE, access to all my free content, all sorts of things will be added here, from journals to general readings just for Zensationally FREE customers, and much more.

Available in Zensationally Free right now:

  • 7 day spiritual journal
  • 20 happiness journal prompts
  • Coupon for money off your first tarot reading 

Zensational Academy

Zensational Academy is for spiritual women who love tarot and want regular guidance, healing & group coaching sessions.   Members will also get access to some of the courses here, and other exclusive perks.  ❤️

What do you get in ZA?  Well:

  • You get guidance channeled on various spiritual and transformation topics
  • Get to connect to other ZA members,
  • Access to exclusive members only stuff, like discounts on personal tarot readings,
  • Access to some of the amazing modules right here.

and much more to come! 

That’s over 8 pieces of content per month just for you for as little as £20 a month or £200 a year.

🙌🏻Click Learn More to Read More About ZA.🙌🏻

Tarot Readings

Really feel like having your own personal tarot reading?  If so you’re in luck.  🙌🏻

Grab your tarot reading now for just £30 for a full reading. You get a discount if your an academy member too.  :)

Build Your Enchanting Business Masterclass

Uncover which of your business ideas are magical for you and how to turn them into a business.

In this course you will learn

  • How to brainstorm your ideas out completely, so you have them all in front of you ready to choose from
  • How to choose which ideas you will continue on with, and which you will leave for a later date.
  • Who you ideal client is clearly, as though they are a real person, what their paid points are and how you can work out how to solve point their pain points.
  • What your mission is for your business and how to create that mission statement.
  • What your values are and why they matter in your business
  • How to figure out your content pillars, and what content pillars even are.
  • A meditation to help you meditate on your business idea and eat client.
  • A visualization exercise to help you visualize where you want your business to go
  • How to find your next few action steps to get you from where you are, to where you want to be (the place you visualized)

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